All You Need To Know About Braces - Huntington Woods, MI

Braces are the some of the popular cosmetic procedures today not only among adolescents and teens but also adults. Typically worn for different reasons, they are custom-made devices that use applied pressure to align or straighten teeth, or help correct a patient’s bite. They remain fixed to the teeth for the entire duration of the treatment, which can range from 18 – 24 months, and are installed by an orthodontist. If you’re considering getting braces, you may want to first understand the various types available and reasons people undergo the procedure.

Types of braces 

There are basically four main types of dental braces that are used in orthodontic treatment in Huntington Woods, Michigan. There are:

· Metal braces: The most inexpensive, metal braces are made of stainless steel and hold a thin wire in position with elastics to apply pressure to the teeth. If you prefer less visible or invisible options, these may not be the right choice.

· Ceramic braces: These types cost more than the metal braces but are made to blend in with your teeth and aren’t as visible. Patients can choose between white metal ties or clear elastic ties to hold the braces in position.

· Lingual braces: Another type of dental braces that are made to seamlessly bond with teeth and remain out of sight. They typically require a skilled orthodontist to install them and also cost more than ceramic and stainless steel versions.

· Invisible braces: Invisalign and other invisible braces cost more than other types because they’re practically invisible. They also require fewer visits to the dentist and are ideal for individuals with minor teeth problems.

Why do people get braces?

1. Correct a bite 

A good number of people have “over bites” , a condition characterized by the upper jaw being out of position such that the teeth are too forward than should be the case . Some may suffer under bites where the bottom teeth extend out beyond the upper teeth. Both conditions are not good for the jaw as they can cause tension as well as prevent correct biting. If deep, they can cause severe damage to the tissues on the other side of the affected jaw.

2. Improve smile

You may be the friendliest, most charming person on earth but no one can notice if you hide your smile. Unfortunately crooked or misaligned teeth can make one feel self-conscious and make their smile to fade away. When you get braces, your teeth will be straightened and you can start leading a more comfortable and satisfying social life. This can in turn boost your confidence and self-esteem.

3. Ensure oral health

Another reason people get braces in Huntington woods, Michigan is to improve their dental and overall health. When misaligned, teeth don’t line up and meet properly which can cause jaw, neck and even head problems. Crooked teeth, on the other hand, are typically difficult to brush & floss thoroughly, therefore putting you at risk of cavities and other problems. Your jaws could also ache after eating some foods. A bad bite ,whether overbite or underbite, can impact the muscles in the neck or head and cause headaches.